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Name: Search guide register of persons connected to the liberation struggle in Lviv Oblast (less Drohobych region) 1944-1947 (based on archival documents)
Volume: 5
Editor in Chief: P.J. Potichnyj
Co-editor in Chief: M. Horbal
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN (Canada): 0-920092-81-0
ISBN (Ukraine): 966-96340-1-6
Pages Count: 417

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This publication is a summary of archival documents for 1944-1947 that shows the essence of the struggle of the Communist regime against the Ukrainian liberation movement on the territory of Lviv oblast (less Drohobych region). These documents are reports of informational character-reports, notifications, stenographic reports of meetings, protocols of interrogation, underground documents, prosecutor’s analyses, agentura activities etc., that are located in the State Archive of Lviv Oblast (former Archive of Lviv Obkom of the Communist Party of Ukraine).

These documents contain personal information on both conflicting sides, facts and activities, everyday occurrences and processes that took place in those violent years in Lviv region although they represent the point of view of the occupiers.

Each entry in the “Raion register...” and the “Name register...”, is arranged in an alphabetical order and provides key identification about the person who directly or indirectly, in a positive or negative sense was connected with the liberation struggle.

The publication will aid those who search for missing family members, or activists and whose names are of interest to historians, researchers, journalists and all those who are interested in the events of those years.

The book will serve as a quick guide to a purposeful search of broader information about the listed persons according to categories which are indicated in the foreword.

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