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Name: General Roman Shukhevych – "Taras Chuprynka" Commander in Chief of the UPA
Volume: 45
Editor in Chief: P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s): P.J. Potichnyj
M. Posivnych
Sponsors: Federal Credit Cooperative "SUMA" Yonkers, New York, USA
Publication Year: 2007
ISBN (Canada): 0-920092-90-X
ISBN (Ukraine): 966-96340-9-1
Pages Count: 576

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One of the most prominent figures of the Ukrainian national-liberation movement in the twentieth century is UPA Brigadier-General Roman Shukhevych-“Taras Chuprynka,” who in the 1940s headed the struggle against the two largest totalitarian regimes in the world – the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, the average citizen of Ukraine still knows very little about this distinguished personality.

This volume contains the reminiscences of direct participants in the events of this period, as well as of the comrades in arms of the legendary insurgent commander. Some authors offer unexpected glimpses of Roman Shukhevych. In these memoirs this celebrated military-political figure, leading member of the OUN, and commander in chief of the UPA is portrayed as a brilliant student, athlete, musician, military man, politician, and businessman. Without question, few people are aware that he was the founder of Fama, the first Ukrainian advertising firm in Galicia. Bohdan Chaikivs’kyi, Shukhevych’s companion in arms, recounts the various reversals of circumstances in the life of Ukrainian commerce and the nationalist movement of the 1930s.

Reading the reminiscences of Stepan Shakh, Vasyl’ Laba, Myron Hanushevs’kyi, Lev Iaroshevs’kyi, “Oksana,” Roman Holod, Bohdan Pidhainyi, and Stepan and Iurii Shukhevych, readers will learn about the home, school, scouting, and student milieus in which the future leader was formed.

In their brief memoirs Avhustyn Shtefan, Ievhen Ren, Stepan Bandera, Volodymyr Ianiv, Bohdan Kravtsiv, Mykola Lebed’, Pavlo Shandruk, Iurii Lopatyns’kyi, Oleksandr Matla, Hryhorii Pryshliak, Omelian Logush, Petro Duzhyi, Myroslav Kal’ba, Iryna Kozak, Halyna Dydyk, Ol’ha Il’kiv, Dariia Husiak, Liubomyr Poliuha, Vasyl’ Halasa, and Vasyl’ Kuk illuminate the struggle of the OUN and the UPA, and demonstrate the role of these organizations and their leader in the Ukrainian social and political processes of the time. The authors reveal various details to which few people have been privy until now, and assess Roman Shukhevych as a leader and a person.

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