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Name: Litopys UPA. Catalogue 100 volumes (1973-2012)
Editor in Chief: P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s): P.J. Potichnyj
M. Posivnych
M. Kulyk
I. Homziak
Sponsors: UKRAINIAN NATIONAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION ( 215 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003 (866) 859-5848 · UkrNatFCU.org )
Publication Year: 2012
Pages Count: 128

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The Litopys UPA Publishing Company was founded in 1973 by veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). This is a joint venture of the Association of Former UPA Soldiers in the USA and Canada and the General Taras Chuprynka Society of Former UPA Soldiers in the USA and Canada. Since its founding, Litopys UPA has issued four series of volumes containing documents and other materials on the history of the OUN and the UPA. The 100th volume in the Litopys UPA series of publications will be issued in 2012. Each volume or group of volumes is devoted to a specific topic. Volumes appear sporadically depending on the availability of prepared materials. The Main Series encompasses 50 volumes. The New Series (launched in 1995) numbers 18 volumes, and is published under the imprimatur of Litopys UPA, the M. S. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archaeography at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the State Committee on Archives of Ukraine, and the State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The Library Series (launched in 2000) features volumes of research and memoirs. Eleven books have been published to date, and several others are being prepared for publication. A fourth series, entitled Events and People, was launched in order to popularize the Ukrainian liberation movement. To date, 18 books have been published and plans are underway to issue several more. In addition to a paper version, all the volumes in the Litopys UPA series are available as electronic books. In addition, the Litopys UPA co-published “Powstanski Mohyly” with the Ukrainian Archive in Warsaw, Poland and “Lystivky UPA” with the Duliby Publishers in Kyiv, Ukraine. During its existence the Litopys UPA Publishing Company has had four directors: Modest Ripeckyj, Lev Futala, Julian Kotlar, and Myron Luszczak; two editors in chief: Yevhen Shtendera and Peter J. Potichnyj; and two main administrators: Mykhailo Fedak and Mykola Kulyk. In 1992 a special enterprise called Litopys UPA was established in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, later reorganized as a Limited Company (TzOV). It deals with the preparation, sales, and distribution of the Litopys UPA in Ukraine and abroad. It is currently headed by Ihor Homziak (general director). Over the decades of its existence the Litopys UPA Publishing Company has completed a tremendous amount of work to collect documents and other materials that are of interest both to researchers and a wider circle of readers. Our volumes are published thanks to sponsors, patrons, and individual donors, and are distributed gratis to libraries in Ukraine and around the world. Since the year 2004 Litopys UPA commenced publishing an illustrated yearly calendar (Kalendar Litopys UPA). This calendar is dedicated to the UPA and the OUN armed underground. Also, in the year 2009 a special edition calendar was published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Stepan Bandera’s birth. All the members of the Litopys UPA team work as unpaid community volunteers; the only expenditures are for printing services. This explains how UPA veterans and their sympathizers have succeeded in ensuring the constant growth of our publishing company and the continuation of this important work–the preparation of future publications. * * * The largest benefactors of the Litopys UPA publishing house are: The Roman Dubyniak Museum Foundation (England), Volodymyr Makar (Canada), Teodor Besz (Canada) and Borys Halahan-“Yàrêî” (USA). They and all other benefactors, and supporters deserve special recognition and thanks.

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