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Name: The Struggle against the UPA and the Nationalist Underground: Informational Documents of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) of Ukraine, Party obkoms, NKVD-MVD, MGB-KGB. Book three: 1948
Volume: 6
Editor in Chief: P.J. Potichnyj
Editor(s): V. Lozytsky
K. Abramova
I. Pavlenko
A. Kentij
Editorial board: Ya. Dashkevych
V. Lozytsky
S. Bohunov
R. Pyrih
P.J. Potichnyj
P. Sokhan'
M. Ripeckyj
Iu. Shapoval
H. Boryak
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN (Canada): 0-920092-75-6
ISBN (Ukraine): 966-02-2846-6
Pages Count: 523

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Page 437. Summary

This collection contains 81 documents pertaining to the history of the Soviet government's struggle against the Ukrainian natioal_liber_ ation movement. The first document is dated 6 March 1948 and the last, 30 December 1948.

The largest group of materials in this collection consists of an_ nouncements from oblast party committees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) of Ukraine [CC CP(b)U] concern_ ing the progress of the struggle against UPA formations and the OUN underground. These are mostly monthly reports about measures undertaken in this regard by oblast party committees and the results achieved. Included among them are announcements about the strug_ gle against the Ukrainian insurgents during the month of February 1948 (documents nos. 1, 2); March 1948 (documents nos. 3–7); April 1948 (documents nos. 15, 17, 19, 22); May 1948 (documents 23, 25–27, 29–30); June 1948 (documents nos. 33, 35); July–August 1948 (documents nos. 47, 52); September 1948 (documents nos. 55, 59); October 1948 (document no. 67); November 1948 (documents nos. 71, 74); and December 1948 (documents nos. 77, 80).

These announcements contain a considerable amount of valu_ able factual material from the history of the struggle against the Ukrainian national_liberation movement and data on the numbers of individuals killed and arrested.

Oblast party committees also reported on periods longer than one month. For example, the L'viv oblast committee sent a memoran_ dum to the CC CP(b)U about the progress of the struggle against the Ukrainian movement for the period between 1 January and 20 April 1948 (document no. 16).

The CC CP(b)U was kept abreast of the situation in the western ob_ lasts of Ukraine not only by oblast party committees but also staff mem_ bers from the Central Committee apparatus, specially dispatched to the region to carry out control functions (documents nos. 8–9, 11), and the Ministry of State Security (MGB) of Ukraine (documents nos. 3, 10, 18).

The CC CP(b)U also received announcements about certain par_ ticularly important events in the course of the struggle against the OUN and the UPA. Thus, the L'viv oblast party committee informed the high_ er party leadership of Ukraine about the killing by MGB organs of the head of the OUN Security Service (SB) of the L'viv region Ya. A. D'iakon together with a group of his bodyguards (document no. 73). The col_ lection also includes information of the Kyiv oblast party committee about the activity of an armed insurgent group in Kyiv oblast (docu_ ment no. 31).

The second_largest group of documents is linked to the imple_ mentation of collectivization in Western Ukraine and, related to this, the intensification of the struggle against the local resistance move_ ment. On 1 June 1948 the Politburo of the CC CP(b)U approved the resolution "Concerning the Improvement of Mass Political Work, the Further Development of Collective Farm_Building, and the Liquidation of Vestiges of Bands of Ukrainian_German Nationalists in the Western Oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR." Oblast party committees actively reported on the implementation of this resolution (docu_ ments nos. 32, 34, 36, 38–39, 42–44, 51, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 65–66, 70, 75). The progress of implementing this resolutions is also the subject of announcements sent to the CC CP(b)U by the Ministry of Justice of the Ukrainian SSR (document no. 49) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (documents nos. 45, 50, 57). The activity of groups to maintain public order, which were specially created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is the subject of reports contained in documents nos. 68 and 78.

In April 1948, oblast party committees in the western oblasts of Ukraine, obviously at the behest of the CC CP(b)U, sent proposals for improving the struggle against the OUN and the UPA. Some of these proposals are included in the collection (documents nos. 12–14).

Particularly noteworthy are several documents that attest to the great difficulties encountered by the Soviet government in its work in the western oblasts of Ukraine. These are letters to the CC CP(b)U from the Ministry of Cinematography, which contain announcements concerning insurgents' attacks on workers of this industry (documents nos. 20, 37); similar announcements concern_ ing attacks on the oil_producing industry (document no. 40) and forestry industry (document no. 24); information on a purge of the staff of the L'viv Railway (document no. 81); an announcement of the L'viv oblast party committee about the uncovering of the youth organization "Bortsi za vyzvolennia Ukrainy" [Fighters for the Liberation of Ukraine] (document no. 72); and information on the reaction of L'viv residents to the arrests of local citizens (document no. 61).

Also worth mentioning is a letter written by Nikita Khrushchev to Joseph Stalin, in which the first secretary of the CC CP(b)U requests that an additional number of posts for district militia officials be created within the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the western oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR (document no. 46).

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