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Litopys UPA - Chronicles of Ukrainian Insurgent Army UPA provides a wealth of information about peoples resistance during the Second World War and the social and political upheavals in its wake.

45 years

Publishing primary source material providing a moving testament of the Ukrainian experience during and after the Second World War

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Main Series

Each volume or group of volumes is devoted to a specific theme such as a given period of time or region. Publishing depends on compilation of the material and preparation for printing. 53 volumes.

Nova Series

The second (нова серія) “new” series, established as a joint Editorial Board and publishing operation between the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography at the National Academy of Sciences and Litopys UPA Publishing Company. 27 volumes

our books
our books

Library Series

Search guide registers of persons connected to the liberation effort in Lviv and Drohobych Oblasts; Memoirs; Nil Khasevych; Biographies of leaders in Volyn, Brest Oblasts. 13 volumes

People and Events Series

Biographies and memoirs. 32 volumes

UPA History

Chronicles of Ukrainian Insurgent Army

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Українська повстанська армія, УПА), Ukrayins’ka Povstans’ka Armiya, UPA) was a partisan army engaged in battle with the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Czechoslovakia, and both the Undergound and Communist Poland government. It received no support from the Allies.

They came together from other militias and national-patriotic formations such as OUN, some who were drafted into enemy armies became defectors, taking an oath to liberate their homeland from invaders and swearing loyalty to the newly-formed (in 1941) Ukrainian government, UHVR, the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council. After the Soviet Red Army left Ukraine to the Nazis following Hitler’s surprise invasion of the USSR, the UPA was established as a de facto national army uniting militia groups that protected their civilian population.

Hoping that one day there would be an independent Ukraine, organizers initially sought diplomatic recognition and autonomy from the German invaders. Although Ukraine’s nationalists were wary and distrustful of the Nazis, they hated Stalin and the Bolsheviks even more.

The Feast of Intercession in Ukraine is celebrated on October 14– the Mother of God as the Intercessor, Patron and Holy Protectress. It was firmly established among Ukrainians in history: princes, kings, cossacks, and hetmans chose the Mother of God as their patroness and protectress. Much of historical battle elements– names, military structure, tactics, code of conduct –were used by UPA commanders.

About Litopys UPA

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About Litopys UPA

On September 2, 1973, at the 10th Congress of Former Members of UPA, Obiednannia Kolyshnich Voiakiv-UPA, (OKV-UPA), a resolution was passed to collect primary source material that includes historically important material including military documents; memoirs of UPA members; illustrations and photos; and publish the activities of the UPA and, in a more general sense,the history of Ukraine during and after the Second World War under the general title: Litopys Ukrains’koi Povstans’koi Armii (Chronicles of Ukrainian Insurgent Army– UPA).

The Litopys UPA Publishing Company is an Ontario Corporation Without Share Capital incorporated January 5, 1978 as Litopys UPA No.369498

Board of Directors (Canada & US), originally the Main Administration, undertook its mission to provide financial assistance to the publishing company known as Litopys UPA Publishing Company creating an Editorial Board that included prominent individuals who agreed to assist in the work on Litopys UPA (see Volume 42 Litopys UPA - A History Documents and Materials 2005).

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